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Recommended Literature

In the past, I received several requests whether this homepage may be mentioned as a source in diploma theses. In principle I have nothing against it, but:

However, this homepage is only suitable as an introductory lecture (with some depth) and as a glossary. So be careful! For the use as a source in a diploma thesis, the topics are a bit too shallow! The homepage is only for beginners in the radar business. You are welcome to use it as a source and mention it, but believe me: it is not very advantageous.

Therefore I would like to give you special literature here, which is tailored to certain topics of radar technology and which is much better suited as a source in a diploma thesis. Maybe some books are available in a local library or an antiquarian bookstore. (After all, as a student you have to think a bit sparingly, because in this field good reference books are extremely expensive, especially on the American market).

Basics of radar technology
Radar Handbook
Merrill Ivan Skolnik
ISBN: 0070579083
The standard work. Over 1500 pages
It is always popularly quoted when it comes to the basics of radar theory. But it is rather something for someone who wants to construct radars.
in English, about 90 US$
Introduction to Radar Systems
Merrill Ivan Skolnik
ISBN: 0072881380
In addition to a thorough revision and deletion of obsolete topics, the author has added problems of modern digital radar technology in the now third edition.
in English, about 150 US$
Modern Radar System Analysis
David K. Barton
ISBN: 0890066736
A comprehensive presentation of technical topics in modern radar systems. It contains among other things basic functions and assemblies in radar systems and the problems of radar reconnaissance under conditions of electronic combat.
in English, about 470 US$
Praxiswissen Radar und Radarsignalverarbeitung
Dipl.-Ing. Albrecht Ludloff
ISBN: 352826568X
This book is therefore a complete introduction to radar signal processing for students and interested newcomers as well as for experienced radar users who want to learn more about signal processing. The following topics are covered in detail: radar principle, radar equation, target detection in noise, target fluctuation, filtering, MTI and MTD radars, pulse compression, CFAR methods and parameter estimation.
in German, about 45 €
Die Radargleichung
Dipl.-Ing. W. Gerlitzki
AEG-Telefunken, 1984, 1. Aufl., 99 S., with illustration, plastic cover. This book is an internal publication of the former AEG-Telefunken. You can see from the mathematical symbolism used in the radar equation that this book had a great influence on this homepage! In good antiquarian bookshops still available in single copies.
in German
Velocity-modulated Tubes
Microwave Tubes
A.S. Gilmour Jr."
ISBN: 9780890061817
This book furnishes engineers with an in-depth review of microwave tube applications. This book provides you with illustrations of specific microwave tubes, and how they are manufactured. It also features techniques for producing magnetic fields used to focus electron beams in microwave tubes and much more.
in English, about 200 US$
Principles of Travelling Wave Tubes
A.S. Gilmour Jr."
ISBN: 9780890067208
Offers detailed discussions of operating principles of helix and coupled-cavity traveling wave tubes, descriptions of RF interactions of electrons with electric fields, and the basic theories of electron bunching and traveling wave interactions.
in English, about 200 US$
Klystrons, Traveling Wave Tubes, Magnetrons, Crossed-Field Amplifiers and Gyrotrons
A.S. Gilmour Jr.
ISBN: 9781608071845
This practical reference serves as an excellent introduction for newcomers to the field and offers established tube engineers a comprehensive refresher. Professionals find coverage of all major tube classifications, including klystrons, traveling wave tubes (TWTs), magnetrons, cross field amplifiers, and gyrotrons.
in English, about 200 US$
Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Vacuum Electron Devices
A.S. Gilmour Jr.
ISBN: 9781630817282
Written by an internationally recognized as an expert on the subject of microwave (MW) tubes, this book presents and describes the many types of microwave tubes, and despite competition from solid-state devices (those using GaN, SiC, et cetera), which continue to be used widely and find new applications in defense, communications, medical, and industrial drying.
in English, about 180 US$
Basics of Microwave Technology
Practical phased array antenna Systems
Eli Brookner
ISBN: 0890065632
Very comprehensive and detailed presentation of the technique of phased array antennas.
in English, about 100 US$
Propagation of Short Radio Waves
Donald E. Kerr
ISBN: 0932146201
Presentation of the influence of the development of radar technology in the course of World War II on mathematical and physical investigation methods of electromagnetic high-frequency fields. Available in good antiquarian bookshops.
in English
Introduction to Airborne Radar
George W. Stimson
ISBN: 1891121014
Based on a publication of the Hughes Aircraft Company, very broad topics, which are presented in an easily understandable way with basic knowledge of mathematics and physics.
in English, about 130 US$ (also available as CD)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Edgar Voges
ISBN: 3778520148
This series of textbooks is based on distance learning courses that were developed for the diploma course in electrical engineering at the Fernuniversität Hagen. The two-volume textbook on radio frequency technology is intended to familiarize students with radiofrequency engineering fundamentals and system applications. The present volume deals with RF components and circuits. The modes of operation, design bases, shapes, and characteristic parameters of components such as transistors (GaAsMESFET), diodes (Schottky diodes, varactor diodes, PIN diodes) are presented. Exemplary circuits, circuit techniques, and basic calculation methods for e.g. amplifiers, frequency converters, oscillators are given together with the respective component.
in German, about 40 €
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Edgar Voges
ISBN: 3778520148
This volume familiarizes with applications of high-frequency technology, e.g., radar technology. It is an excellent short overview of radar technology.
in German, about 40 €
Fundamentals of weather radar technology
Doppler Radar & Weather Observations
Dusan S. Zrnic and Richard J. Doviak
ISBN: 0122214226
Richard J. Doviak and Dusan S. Zrnic from the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory, Norman in Oklahoma even made me understanding the weather radar!
in English, about 90 US$
Electronic combat
Radar Vulnerability to Jamming
Robert N. Lothes u.a.
ISBN: 0890063885
The basic principles of electronic countermeasures; jamming and deception…
in English, about 100 US$
Electronic Countermeasures
Barton Harris u.a.
ISBN: 0932146007
This book was published in 1978 but its content is still up to date.
in English, neu etwa 50 ... 100 US$
International Electronic Countermeasures Handbook
ISBN: 1580538983
Jahrbuch 2004
in English, about 140 US$
Radar Electronic Countermeasures System Design (Radar Library)
Richard J. Wiegand
ISBN: 0890063818
An introduction for readers with average technical background in the design and operation of active electronic countermeasure systems to reduce the effectiveness of enemy radar systems.
in English, about 80 US$