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How does Radar work?

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Figure 1: Preview of internet representation

An inexpensive radar for training purposes developed by the Radartutorial.
The complete radar transceiver looks like a feedhorn.

This page provides a detailed overview of radar principles and technologies, including mathematical, physical and technical explanations. “Radartutorial” explains the fundamentals of radar. Many radar sets are introduced briefly as examples with some technical data. Knowledge of basic technical mathematics is required to follow the examples provided.

The information provided is intended for radar operators and maintenance personnel. If you have enabled Javascript in your browser then the mouse pointer can be used for a virtual oscilloscope as a probe at the marked test points in many block circuit diagrams. For students in electrical specifications, this home page can serve as an introduction of the radar technologies.

Each of the pages has been prepared too for printing, all images are additionally optimized for bright background color. Some chapters have been summarized as a printer-friendly PDF file. Just click on the following link: Service → Print versions.

Radar Theory

This homepage has no commercial goals. It was created entirely for educational purposes and serves as a training aid for radar operators and maintenance personnel. The design is deliberately focused on the essentials only. There are no memory-intensive special effects used to ensure a quick page transfer even with very slow internet connections.

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