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Christian Wolff

freelancer radar inginer

Dora-Koch-Stetter-Weg 22
18055 Rostock

Josefine-Clouth-Straße 14
50733 Köln

Mail: info[at]radartutorial[dot]eu
Tel.: +49 221 98655020

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Christian Wolff

Since 2006, the engineering consultant Christian Wolff developing radar systems and application-oriented components in the frequency range between 1 GHz and 25 GHz designed for educational purposes. The development covers design and construction of the overall concept and the optimization of the system. There are to be used if possible standard components in order to keep the price of the whole system as low as possible. Where this is not possible or where required by manufacturers of too high prices, then there are also computed and designed own assemblies optimized by way of measurement techniques.

Christian Wolff lucrează ca instructor în domeniul Principiilor radar pentru diverse cursuri internaţionale.