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This home page is designed and maintained by:

Christian Wolff

freelanced radar engineer

branch office:
Dora-Koch-Stetter-Weg 22
18055 Rostock

Josefine-Clouth-Straße 14
50733 Cologne

Mail: info[at]radartutorial[dot]eu
Tel.: +49 221 98655020

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Christian Wolff

The engineering consultant Christian Wolff develops radar systems and application-oriented components in the frequency range between 1 GHz and 25 GHz for pedagogical purposes. The development covers the The development covers the design and construction of the overall concept and the optimization of the system. If possible, there are to use standard components to keep the price of the whole system as low as possible.

Christian Wolff is an instructor for international basic radar courses. Because of the Corona situation, these are preferably held as video conferences (on-demand webinars).

“To love what you do and feel what it matters -
how could anything be more fun?” Katherine Graham

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