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Some selected topics were processed into videos. Due to the size of the files, I can only share these videos on YouTube. Here are only the links to the videos:

  1. Understanding Radar (40:45):
    The video is a complete lesson about radar basics. It presents the radar principle, the performance parameters, and the time budget of a pulse radar. In addition, many technical terms of radar jargon are explained.
  2. Understanding Radar Equation (22:29):
    In this video, the radar equation is derived and its components are explained.
  3. Basic design of a Doppler radar set (19:12):
    This video shows a simple block diagram of a Doppler radar. It describes the tasks of the individual components up to the plot extractor. It also includes a brief overview of historical and current surveillance radar displays.
  4. Moving Target Detection (12:00):
    This video explains the difference between Moving Target Indication and Moving Target Detection, and how fixed clutter suppression works in radar.
  5. Radar for Air Traffic Management (14:27):
    This video describes the use of primary radar in air traffic management. It contains exemplary technical data of selected radar sets as well as their use by the Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (German Air Traffic Control).
  6. Radar antennas in air traffic management (12:48):
    This video provides an overview of radar antennas in air traffic management, a detailed description of parabolic antennas, and the term “polarization”.
  7. Radar Antenna Pattern (8:54):
    This video provides an overview of antenna diagrams of radar sets. The cosecant squared characteristic is explained, and its mathematical description is derived. The slotted waveguide array antenna technology is described in particular.
  8. How does phased array antenna work (21:13):
    In this video, you will learn about phased array antennas that can control the direction of radiation without any inertia.
  9. The turntable for a radar antenna (13:14):
    This video describes the design and mode of operation of components in a turntable for a radar antenna.
  10. Matched filter in Radar (11:05):
    What is a matched filter, and why does anyone care?
  11. Continuous wave radars (22:48):
    This video explains the various methods for unmodulated and frequency-modulated continuous wave radar with examples of their application. The measurement radar for muzzle velocity is described in more detail as an example.
  12. Overview of different radar transmitter architectures (13:39):
    The video describes the differences between radar transmitters in classic pulse radar and in radar sets with intrapulse modulation. General block diagrams are shown for both systems.

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