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Usage Statistics

Statistics in which the counting methods change within the periods under consideration have become meaningless! For this reason, the previous form of statistics cannot be continued. The old data can still be retrieved in the archive, but cannot be compared with the new data.

For example, earlier, when the same IP dialed into the homepage at two different times, this was counted as two visits. The necessary interval between recognizing a single visit and two visits was 30 minutes. (The assignment of an IP to a user could have changed during this time). In the new server operating system, this process is only counted as one visitor.

However, this homepage is used in many internal networks (universities, companies) as a reference book, which appears to the outside as a single IP. These universities and companies are now only a single visitor. Although the log files have become the same size in terms of volume and some cases even larger, only about 60 to 70% of the previously counted data is still recorded. A continuous statistic is therefore no longer possible. This new internal counting method has been adapted to the external counting method of services such as Alexa, which can no longer register visitor traffic if the pixel, script or byte to be counted is already stored in the user's cache. Anyone interested in this new counting method can now calculate for themselves.

A summary as visitors per year is not possible this year. In the following table only the current monthly values are mentioned:

Visitors Visits Pages Hits GiBytes
May 201990 901133 173375 1344 845 117199.88
June 201977 906121 741335 8924 545 977164.65
July 201977 769124 060316 6454 648 034196.33
August 201972 886115 392283 8554 249 876178.42
September 201978 776122 978366 4694 856 586192.45
October 201988 612134 910378 1805 191 957302.37
November 2019103 899150 082367 6475 119 222194.07
December 201994 157134 114325 0574 638 308194.91