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The engineering office Christian Wolff is pleased about your visit to this website and your interest in the radar technology. If you provide personal information (for example, in an e-mail form) they will be treated according to the applicable data protection regulations.

This privacy policy does not apply to any links to other websites. I have no control over compliance with privacy policies by other website providers.

On this homepage some products are used for purposes of the marketing and the optimization of the web offers (so-called "Website-Tracking"). For this purpose there is a special Javascript, which is used by every page of this homepage. The data collected is processed to create usage profiles. These usage profiles are not user-related but are allocated in number to a specific page of the homepage or a specific keyword in the search and serve to improve the offer of this homepage. The collected data will never be used to personally identify visitors to this website.

Because Google also stores cookies as a guest on this homepage, I am forced to show this privacy notice about cookies. As a result, I also have to save a cookie but this only means that you have obviously seen this privacy notice and clicked away.

You can prevent this data collection and storage at any time by switching off the execution of Java scripts in your browser. However, not all functions of this homepage will be available anymore.


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