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Printer-friendly versions in PDF-format

To use this tutorial in a class-room you can print-out the following documents. These documents aren't as actually as the HTML-versions but are usable in an environment without Internet-access.

The following books are available:

Click on the PDF-icon to open a document. You need an ADOBE-Reader to see the content. The displaying of the PDF-document would be faster, if you download the file before opening: click with the right mouse button and open a menu which includes the option “Save Target As…”.

Offline Version

If there aren't stable conections to the internet, you can download all files for an offline CD or USB-stick.
The disadvantage is, that this archive cannot be on current state of edition!
This archive is from July 2, 2019 with an original size of 330.964.468 bytes and contains 94 directories and 16.389 files. It is compressed with ZIP routine to a size of 213.129.909 bytes to reduce the traffic: radartutorial.zip. This version don't include the printer friendly PDF-Files, because these aren't necessary for using an offline version. If you need these PDF-Files, then you can download and integrate the following archive into the Radartutorial-directory: publications.zip,
(Good luck by download and extracting!)