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SkyFender AMSR

Description of the radar set, tactical-technical characteristics

Figure 1: SkyFender AMSR

frequency: X-band
pulse repetition time (PRT):
pulse repetition frequency (PRF):
pulsewidth (τ):
receiving time:
dead time:
peak power:
average power:
instrumented range:
range resolution:
hits per scan:
antenna rotation:

SkyFender AMSR

SkyFender AMSR is operating in the X-band, 2D pulse Doppler radar used to detect and track air and sea surface targets. It effectively contributes to threat scenario assessment and enables the ship’s combat system to generate appropriate responses. Its Doppler technology is particularly effective in suppressing false echoes at sea and provides excellent target detection and tracking capabilities.

The radar is installed on the deep-sea patrol boats of the Spanish Armada of Meteoro class P-45 Audaz and P-46 Furor.