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MSSR „Krona“ and „Krona-M“

Description of the radar set, tactical-technical characteristics
Antenne des MSSR Krona, 
© 2012 ОАО «Аzimut»

Figure 1: Antenna of MSSR Krona
© 2012 ОАО «Аzimut»

frequency: 1030 MHz (upload) with
1090 MHz (download) and
837,5 MHz (upload) with
740 MHz (download)
peak power: up to 10 kW (reduced to 3 kW normally)
average power:
instrumented range: up to 250 NM (≙ ca. 465 km)
range resolution: 100 m
beamwidth: 0.6°
antenna rotation: 10 s as En-Route Radar
4 or 6 s as TAR
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