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Siemens 1990

Description of the radar set, tactical-technical characteristics
ASR 910 with the IFF-Beacon

Figure 1: At this picture the IFF- monopulse antenna is mounted at the top of the primary radar antenna (ASR 910)

frequency: 1030 / 1090 MHz
pulse repetition time (PRT): synchronuous to the primary radar
pulse repetition frequency (PRF): synchronuous to the primary radar
pulsewidth (τ): depending on mode
receiving time:
dead time:
peak power: up to 2 kW
average power: up to 100 watts
instrumented range: up to 250 NM
range resolution: 500 m
beamwidth: 10 degrees
hits per scan: 3 … 5
antenna rotation: synchronuous to the primary radar

IFF/SIF - Siemens 1990

This secondary radar is used in the civil and military air traffic management and by the air defense radar systems. The radar got different designators and abbrevations:

The characteristics of this system are standardisated by Eurocontrol.

IFF/SIF - Siemens 1990 is now retired. Only some military airfields are still equipped with it, because the company EADS fail to meet the schedule with the delivery of new radars ASR-E.

IFF - Antenne
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Figure 2: monopulse antenna of the secondary radar “Siemens 1990” without its cover