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Active Phased Array Radar APAR

Description of the radar set, tactical-technical characteristics
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Figure 1: APAR

frequency: I-Band
pulse repetition time (PRT):
pulse repetition frequency (PRF):
pulsewidth (τ):
receive time:
dead time:
peak power:
average power:
instrumented range:
range resolution:
hits per scan: (monopulse)

Active Phased Array Radar APAR

APAR is the result of a tri-national development, under Thales Nederland prime contractorship, involving governments and industries from the Netherlands, Germany and Canada.

APAR is an I-Band Active Phased Array Radar providing the multifunction capabilities required for the modern missile threat. This includes pulse compression, target detection, tracking and multiple missile control based on mid-course guidance and terminal homing. CW generation and illumination is a built-in feature of the APAR system. The 3424 T/R elements in every single face provide a powerful and redundant system architecture. The complete APAR multi-function radar consists of 4 faces covering 360 degrees of possible threat.

Picture gallery of the APAR
German frigate “Sachsen”
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Figure 2: German frigate “Sachsen”

Royal Netherlands Navy Air Defence and Command Frigate „De Zeven Provinciën”
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Figure 3: Royal Netherlands
Navy Air Defence and Command Frigate
“De Zeven Provinciën”
fitted with SMART-L and APAR

Leaflet of Thales in PDF-format
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Figure 4: Preview of a
leaflet of Thales