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Description of the radar set, tactical-technical characteristics

Figure 1: TASR antenna
(© ITT- Gilfillan)

frequency: 2 700 … 2 900 MHz
pulse repetition time (PRT):
pulse repetition frequency (PRF):
pulsewidth (τ):
receiving time:
dead time:
peak power:
average power:
instrumented range: 60 NM
range resolution:
hits per scan:
antenna rotation: 4.8 … 5 seconds
MTBCF: 4800 h
MTTR: 0.26 h

Terminal Airfield Surveillance Radar TASR

TASR (Terminal Airfield Surveillance Radar) is an all-weather airport surveillance radar. It is a modular system that can be configured in different ways to meet all performance requirements. Configurations include a trailer-mounted mobile system for tactical operations or a fixed-based system. The system has a dual redundant transceiver and is also adaptable to preferred secondary surveillance radars.

The TASR radiates in the upper E-band (2.7 to 2.9 GHz) with a digital semiconductor module transmitter as the core of the system. The all-solid-state radar also includes a dual beam antenna and high-resolution digital color workstation displays.

The reflector antenna generates a cosecant squared pattern. The digital radar signal processing provides a false alarm rate of 10-6 with a probability of detection of 80%. The plot extractor can simultaneously process up to 500 targets per antenna rotation.

The TASR is suitable for both civil and military ATC applications. Based on proven modular systems, the TASR ensures improved reliability and availability with easy operation. The integrated semiconductor assembly offers considerable advantages over existing radar technology with vacuum tube technology.

Source: www.gilfillan.itt.com