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Advertising on the Radartutorial

Why does advertising appear on this homepage at all?

The goals of this homepage are benefited to the public but this non-profit goal is not to tax effective in Germany. For that, I would have to be formally at least an association… but as a single person, I cannot become that. Some companies recognize the usefulness of this homepage for their internal vocational colleges and support me with donations. However, they cannot deduct these donations from their taxes because the charitable status required is not officially recognized.

So I return the favor by showing an advertising banner on this homepage for these companies that support me with money or contributions in kind. And lo and behold: these donations are now tax-deductible as income-related expenses!

Why do you need to advertise on this home page?

As you can see by viewing the statistics this home page has visits from quite a number of people. These are the young people, students from all over the world. Consultancy services use this home page often too, e.g. to search addresses from manufacturers of radar components both at home and abroad. This site occupies a top position in Google for most radar-related keywords!

In contrast to a Google ad, your advertisement also appears on the off-line versions of the radar tutorial. It is usually not recognized by ad blockers as advertising, so it cannot be blocked. If you want to use this service please contact the author of the page.

What is the income used for?

Certainly not for a living. I'm getting a very good pension. The income from the advertising is sufficient to run this homepage here, to pay the server and the DSL line as well as to buy the office supplies, which I then (because of this “income”) have to spend exclusively for the tax office to prove to them that this income is the only minor.

If there is still something left, then it will be invested in material with which I construct the didactic radar sets, which are presented on this homepage. I always wonder about the prices of the material: this complete satellite dish is cheaper to buy than a piece of unprocessed aluminum sheet of the same size. For the price of the 8 zinc cast mounting brackets, which are needed for a more stable tripod, I get a complete heavy tripod for a camera.

Why is our company not listed in your manufacturer directory?

In general: this homepage has only didactic goals. It is not a web directory for radar manufacturers! Only those companies are listed in the list of manufacturers whose products are mentioned on this homepage in connection with any training objective.

If you believe that of all things your product should be mentioned on this homepage, then you must send me material about your product, which is suitable to make a training topic more descriptive. It is not enough simply to refer to your homepage, because there everything would be to be read… No, I would like exclusive material - even if it is only the same picture but at least in a much higher resolution.

Why doesn't Radartutorial use a more secure SSL/https key?

I've been persuaded.