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Index on Radar Systems

The most noticeable and usually the largest component of a radar set is the antenna. This page is intended to help you determine the type of a given radar based on the shape of the antenna. Click on the picture which looks most similar to the antenna you are looking for! However, if you already know a part of the name, you can also use this alphabetical list.

Selection of antenna type

Symmetrical (round) parabolic antennas

Elliptical or trapezoidal parabolic antennas

Narrow vertically aligned parabolic antennas

Single curved parabolic antennas

very flat, single curved parabolic antennas (so-called Cheese antennas)

Two longer parabolic antennas

Round, covered antennas

Beacon antennas

Large Vertical Aperture (LVA)

Phased Array Antennas

Radar sets for small boats (under a mostly cylindrical radome)

Yagi antenna arrays

Radiator groups in front of a common reflector grid (so-called bedspring-antennas)

Fighters nose radars

Airborne surveillance radars

Radar satellites

Over-The-Horizon radars

Laboratory equipment, didactic radars

Radargeräte kurzer Reichweite auf Stativ