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Description of the radar set, tactical-technical characteristics

Figure 1: AN/TPN-22

Figure 1: AN/TPN-22 in Iraq 2009

frequency: 9 000 … 9 200 MHz
pulse repetition time (PRT):
pulse repetition frequency (PRF): 1 200 Hz
pulsewidth (τ): 0.8 µs
receiving time:
dead time:
peak power: 120 kW
average power:
instrumented range: 3 NM (≙ 5.5 km)
range resolution:
hits per scan:
antenna rotation:


AN/TPN-22 all-weather landing subsystem (ALS) is a Precision Approach Radar (PAR). It is a transportable, computerized, pencil beam, 3-dimensional radar which is used for landing tactical aircraft. It is a part of the U.S. MATCALS program.

The AN/TPS-22 handles all civil and military air traffic by providing:

The antenna uses circular polarization only. It is a planar phased array of 94 radiator groups each with a PIN-Diode phase shifter. It uses phase controlled electronically beam steering; and has an 8 degree (-1 to +7 degree) angular coverage in elevation.

The AN/TPN-22 is a track-while-scan radar. It tracks up to six aircrafts. The MTI capability includes search (2-pulse canceler) and track (3-pulse canceler).

The transmitter contains a traveling wave tube as power amplifier. It got a solid-state modulator as modernization.