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55Zh6ME Nebo-M RLM-ME

Description of the radar set, tactical-technical characteristics

Figure 1: 55Zh6ME Nebo-M RLM-ME
© 2012 Vitaly Kuzmin, http://vitalykuzmin.net

Figure 1: 55Zh6ME Nebo-M RLM-ME
© 2012 Vitaly Kuzmin

frequency: VHF-band
pulse repetition time (PRT):
pulse repetition frequency (PRF): 300 Hz
pulsewidth (τ):
receiving time:
dead time:
peak power: 140 kW
average power:
instrumented range:
range resolution:
accuracy: < 400 m; < 0.67°
hits per scan:
antenna rotation: 3 or 6 r.p.m.

55Zh6ME Nebo-M RLM-ME

The Nebo-M is a 3D radar system that features a programmable multi-band design. The radar complex is made up of a central data fusion, a command post module and three radars which are deployed on separate 8x8 24-ton trucks.
55Zh6ME Nebo-M RLM-ME is the VHF-Radar component of this radar system (in cyrillic: 55Ж6МЕ «Небо-МЕ»)

Nebo-M RLM-ME is a 3-D acquisition radar. It is the successor to the 1L13 Nebo-SV “Box Spring” and is easy to distinguish from it since the direction of polarization is vertical rather than horizontal. The system can be deployed or stowed in 40 minutes.