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Chapter: “Electronic Warfare”

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Figure 1: Preview of internet representation

Figure 2: noise-modulated jamming, the jammer in 150° (VHF-Band radar)

Figure 1: noise-modulated jamming, the jammer in 150° (VHF-Band radar)

Electronic Warfare (EW) is one of the key elements of the modern battle scenario, protecting one’s own forces from attack, denying information to the enemy, and intercepting and disrupting his own voice communication and datalinks. In effect, EW is an ongoing war between active systems that “attack” and defensive systems which protect. A widespread network of electronic intelligence stations is operated by many countries by land, sea and air, not only to monitor the electromagnetic spectrum but also to disrupt hostile transmissions by jamming in a number of ways.

Learning objectives:

  • State how electromagnetic interference, man-made/natural interference can be occur.
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