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Short Range Weather Radar

C-Band Weather Radar

Figure 1: C-Band Weather Radar

Short Range Weather Radar

This would normally be implemented as a ground based rotating primary weather radar system and would commonly be located close to (or at) a major airport. An example range of such a short range weather radar might be 80 Nm (this is the standard used in one commercially available Gematronik product).

The weather data it finds could be used both for approach support and for feeding into the wider weather data concentration systems. The antenna rotation rate between systems is onto variable (3 to 6 rpm on).

The antenna rotation rate between systems is quite variable (3 to 6 rpm is common). Assuming multiple elevations are used, the weather picture gathered might be updated with a frequency of one minute and upwards (this depends on the complexity and number of the elevations required and the antenna rotation rate).