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Chapter: “Weather Radar”

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Chapter: “Weather Radar”

I would ask the meteorologists pardon that I interfere with my dangerous half-knowledge in their field. This section is not suitable for educational purposes in meteorology. It should only be given instructions for radar technicians of surveillance radar that weather radar technology is well known, it is radar, indeed. But the application as a weather radar uses completely different mathematical bases. Accordingly, some technical variation is needed in the components architecture.

The study of this subject gets an increasingly important role as more and more surveillance radar sets get an own weather channel, which shall be maintained by the radar technician. And so this technician should already know what he believes to maintain or repair.

In the comparison between air surveillance radar and meteorological radar one should always remember the main difference:

A meteorological radar doesn't only locate a target but it estimate its value!

Key question: How weather radar operate.