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Radar Beta-Scan-Scopes

Elevation cursor
Touch down
on course
Safety cursor
Azimuth cursor
Range marks

Figure 1: View of a Beta-Scan-Scope

Radar Beta-Scan-Scopes

The by Precision Approach Radar (e.g. by the PAR-80) found radar information is shown in a Beta Scan Scope with two “pictures”:
The upper picture is a side view of the landing approach up to the touch down point on the runway with an imaginary line as a reference. This upper picture shows the data determined by the antenna to the height scanning. It also is called Elevation-Picture therefore.

The top view of the imaginary prolongation of the center line of the runway, the touchdown and the range marks, is corresponding in the lower picture. This lower picture shows the data recorded by the antenna to the horizontal sector scanning. Also it is named Azimuth-Picture therefore.

Picture gallery of Beta Scan Scope

Figure 2: Upgrade of Beta Scan Scope of Precision Approach Radar PAR–80