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Chapter: “Radar Indicators”

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Figure 2: Historical PPI-scope, manufactured by Telefunken AG in 1980

Figure 1: Historical PPI-scope, manufactured by Telefunken AG in 1980

This chapter gives an overview, how a target is indicated in radar. In the past several different display types were developed. Today modern radar systems typically use some kinds of raster scan displays to produce a map-like image.

Learning objectives:

The learning objectives serve as a preview of the information you are expected to learn in the chapter. This chapter provides the basis for understanding the specific radar indicators. Upon completion of this chapter, the student will be able to:

  • describe the purpose of the A scope, the range-height indicator (rhi), and the plan position indicator (ppi);
  • state the relationship between range and sweep speed and length on radar indicator;
  • explain the purpose of timing triggers, video, and antenna position inputs to radar indicator;
  • list the major units of a ppi and describe their functions;
  • describe the basic operation of sweep deflection and sweep rotation in a ppi.