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Numerous tools with ASTERIX processing capabilities exist, however only a few are publicly available:

(The respective summary information has been taken from the respective homepage, please refer to the linked sites for further information.)


AsterixInspector is a tool to textually display contents of ASTERIX data files, with the ASTERIX specifications as XML files.

CroatiaControlLtd / asterix

Asterix is utility used to read and parse EUROCONTROL ASTERIX protocol data from stdin, file or network multicast stream and print it to standard output in text, XML or JSON format. Source can be used to generate Wireshark dissector for ASTERIX protocol. All ASTERIX categories are defined through XML definition files.

WireShark ASTERIX dissector

Wireshark is the world’s foremost and widely-used network protocol analyzer. Using the ASTERIX plugin, live or recorded ASTERIX data can be inspected. (documentation, mostly in French)


SDDL is based on an ASTERIX recording, recorded air traffic surveillance data can be listed and converted to JSON.


jASTERIX is a C⁺⁺ Library for EUROCONTROL's ASTERIX to JSON conversion, with ASTERIX definitions as JSON files. It is part of the ATSDB project, but released as a separate library and client to allow easy usage in other projects.

Track Viewer

Track Viewer is an online viewer for aircraft track data from Eurocontrol ASTERIX files.


The Air Traffic Surveillance DataBase (ATSDB) aims at providing a generalized framework for air-traffic surveillance data analysis & visualization. It uses jASTERIX to decode ASTERIX data into JSON, writes it into database and provides numerous listing and display options for analysis.