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Training questions


Please try to answer some of the more frequently asked training questions in written form.
In answering these questions perhaps you could print out this page.

Please respond these specific questions about radar basics. The reasonable time to frame the answers is about 30 minutes. You can use pocket calculator, but the chosen here numerical examples are optimized to perform with mental arithmetic.

  1. A STALO oscillate above the radar frequency band in a receiver input stage as shown in the figure. Which frequency band must include the STALO at least?
    2,7…3 GHz
    450 MHz
    75 MHz
    2,7…3 GHz
    450 MHz
    75 MHz
      75 – 450 MHz
      3,15 – 3,45 GHz
      2,7 – 3,0 GHz
  2. Which value does the first image frequency have at the wiring example shown above and at a operating frequency of 2.8 GHz?
      450 MHz
      3,15 GHz
      3,55 GHz
      3,70 GHz
  3. If one has got the measuring equipment for measuring the radar receiver sensitivity (MDS echo), can one collect a receiver-calibration curve without a special measuring tool then also?
      no, it technically isn't possible
      yes, it is technically possible, but it’s very time-consuming
  4. If the band width of the echo signal is 5 MHz, which radar assemblies must possess this value at least too?
     all IF-amplifiers
     all video amplifiers
     all local oscillators