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Training questions


Please try to answer some of the more frequently asked training questions in written form.
In answering these questions perhaps you could print out this page.

Please respond these specific questions about radar basics. The reasonable time to frame the answers is about 30 minutes. You can use pocket calculator, but the chosen here numerical examples are optimized to perform with mental arithmetic.

  1. Name the tasks of radar transmitter in the system of a pulsed radar.








  2. Why cannot be suppressed the interferences of clutter from overreaching by pseudo-coherent radar?

      They are too small in amplitude.
      They are presented for clutter suppression in a wrong distance.
      The COHO works in a wrong phase for these echo signals.


  3. Why must give the power amplifier modules of a semiconductor transmitter their power all at the same phase shift?

      Because only in such manner a high efficiency is achieved in the summation of the power.
      Because otherwise the antenna forms a too broad beam.


  4. How radar sets can use the Intra Pulse modulation and pulse compression?

      continuous-wave radar sets using Doppler method
      pulse radar sets
      non-coherent radar sets
      coherent-on-receive radar sets
      coherent radar sets


  5. The transmit pulse using intrapulse modulation has a duration of 64 microseconds and is compressed in the receiver to 1 microsecond. The range cell is 150 m therefore. What is the minimum detection range of this radar with exclusive use of this one pulse duration?

      150 m
      9600 m
      longer than 9600 m