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Data Sheet of an e.g. Co-axial Line

Data Sheet



Inner conductor: Copper wire[mm]46.3
Dielectric: High density polyethylene helix[mm]8.613.6
Outer conductor: Corrugated copper tube[mm]12.318.9
Jacket: Polyment, plus polyethylene, black[mm]15.722.3
Mechanical properties
Weight (approx.)[kg/m]0.370.77
Minimum bending radius, single bending[mm]5080
repeated bending[mm]150250
mobile application[mm]250400
Maximum operating pressure (test pressure)[bar]0.5 (1.0)0,5 (1,0)
Maximum tensile force[N]10002400
Recommended pulling length per hoisting stocking[m]7070
Recommended clamp spacing normal[m]0,50.9
at critical areas and bends[m]-0.5
Recommended temperature range during installation[°C]0 to + 600 to + 60
Electrical properties
Characteristic impedance[Ω]50 ± 1.050 ± 0.5
Relative propagation velocity[%]8992
Maximum operating frequency[MHz]30003000
Cut-off frequency[MHz]135008800
Peak RF voltage rating[kV]1.31.8
Peak power rating[kW]16.932
DC-resistance inner conductor[Ω/km]1.50.57
DC-resistance outer conductor[Ω/km]1.60.86

Table 1: Data-Sheet, publicated from Radio-Frequency Systems Group - RFS Hannover,
a division of kabelmetal electro GmbH.