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Advertising on the Radartutorial

Why do you need to advertise on this home page?

As you can see by viewing the statistics this home page have visits from quite a number of people. These are most young people, students from all over the world. Consultancy services use this home page often too, e.g. to serch addresses from manufacturers of radar components both at home and abroad. This site occupies a top position in Google for most radar-related keywords!

The home page Radartutorial is designed for educational purposes. The advertising has to be subordinate to the usability of the home page as learning aid. If you want to canvass onto these pages the advertisung has to comply with the following requirements:

The ad block is the same within a chapter and will be represented on all pages of one language. It is possible to publish your ad on more than one language or more than one chapter too. The ads are pictures in the size of 120 • 50 to 140 • 240 pixels. If you want to use this service please contact the author of the page.

Why don't we use advertising providers like Google?

That's your benefit: There's a vast amount of ad blockers to block any kind of Google and other advertisements. We use a trick to circumvent these ad blockers since your banner will appear on our server next to all other images. Consequently ad blockers don't get any clue that your banner is an advertisement and cannot block it automatically. Of course we cannot guarantee that someone invents an algorithm to filter your ad as well but that chance is lower than using Google ads. In average, your ad will be seen much more frequently than Google ads.

That's our benefit: We are able to decide what kind of advertisement we accept. We accept only targeted ads related to radar technology and ensure that no ads appear about finding partnerships or diet products (as if radar engineers were to fat), etc.