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KORAL Land Based Radar Electronic Warfare System

Description of the radar set, tactical-technical characteristics Описание; Основные тактико-технические характеристики (Базы данных)

Figure 1: © 2016 Aselsan

Figure 1: KORAL Radar Electronic Support System (right) and Radar Electronic Attack System (left), © 2016 Aselsan

frequency: S-Band to K-Band
maximum range: 150 km

KORAL Land Based Radar Electronic Warfare System

The KORAL Land Based Radar Electronic Warfare System is designed and manufactured by the Turkish Defense Company Aselsan. The KORAL system is composed of two 8x8 military trucks, each carrying an element of the system. One is the Radar Electronic Support (ES System) and one multi Radar Electronic Attack (EA) system to cover the full spectrum. Both systems can be positioned at a distance of 500 m from each other. This electronic defense/electronic attack system is designed to jam and deceive conventional and complex types of hostile radar, and analyzes multiple target signals in a wide frequency range, automatically generating appropriate response thanks to its digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) capability.

Das KORAL Radar Electronic Support System has a modular design with a multi receiver architecture. Its wide frequency and spatial coverage, coupled with high parameter measurement accuracy (RF, PRI, PW, DOA) allow to handle both traditional and emerging threats with an automatic idenfication of threats and a fast system response.

The KORAL Radar Electronic Attack System system has multiple jamming and deception techniques and can handle both traditional and emerging threats with an automatic idenfication of threats and a fast system response. KORAL reportedly could jam and deceive any land, sea and airborne radar systems. The Subsystem also features a modular design, an integrated digital receiver, a technique generator and a digital RF memory architecture. With an effective range in excess of ninety miles (about 150 kilometers), The fast beam steering is generated via the phased array antenna system with a high output of power and multiple solid state amplifiers.

KORAL System is operated by two operators within the Operation Control Unit (OCU) and a Supervisor. OCU is in compliance with NATO standards and also supports NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) protection. KORAL System also provides Mission Planning and Mission Analysis Tools as an option. The system is able to operate within a dense and chemical warfare environment with a high precision direction finding and a high precision position fixing with multi-platforms. The KORAL system can operate at temperature between -30 °C and +50 °C and with a humidity rate of 95 %.

In February 2016, the Turkish Company Aselsan has handed its newly developed and locally produced KORAL to the Turkish Air Force. Turkey has deployed a radar-electronic warfare system close to the borders with Syria in order to jam and deceive hostile radar emitters.

Source: Report about KORAL from www.armyrecognition.com